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squirrel ripping attic apart in District Of Columbia

At District Of Columbia US Animal Control we specialize in removing Animals and wildlife from your attics and properties. We locate your animals entrance, get the offending critter out, then we seal the entrance. When we remove an animal from you house we GUARANTEE the animal will not be able to return to your house. 90% of our work id done through exclusion, this means closing of areas animals can enter.

Animal Exclusion is the best HUMANE way to get rid of animals Permanently. Many Of District Of Columbia's Creatures Are Squirrels And Rats. We are frequently excluding squirrels from attics, and rats from ceilings. We never use poison or killing style traps. This could be your attic if squirrels are left there to winter.

District Of Columbia Animal Control Squirrel Trapping & District Of Columbia Critter Removal

These types of squirrel traps have been used for many years, but, unless you are very hungry and paitent, success will depend upon if you decide to return to the internet for a different solution.  

cheap squirrel trap used in District Of Columbia

picture if squirrel on District Of Columbia tree

District Of Columbia Squirrel Removal & District Of Columbia Rodents In Attic Including Roof Rats

Squirrels are starting to mate for their season litters now.

We Control Critters Every Day. From snakes in basements to bats in the attic. Squirrels in your attic can and will chew wires to keep their teeth from growing into their faces. Rats use abandoned pluming vents to gain access to your house, behind the walls. Holes in tour masonry will allow rodents access to your house day and night. Bat Removal , Skunk Trapping, and Raccoon Babies  are services we serve everyday.

District Of Columbia squirrel Removal & District Of Columbia squirrels In Your Attic

Squirrels can really damage an attic if  allowed to remain inside it. We Clean these types of contamination up daily. We use TYVEK suits, Respirators and HEPA vacuums {not SHOP VACS}when we are removing contaminated fecal matter. If You suspect you have an animal contaminated attic, contact us immediately. For more information on disease associated with animal droppings go to the Center for Disease Control web site

squirrels ate this soffit in District Of Columbia

trapped squirrels in District Of Columbia

Arlington Raccoon Removal & Arlington Raccoon Trapping

Squirrel Babies are Here Ssquirrel removal & prevention is needed now.

Squirrels Are the most frequent intruders in Arlington. They are using the sewers as highways around the city. Squirrels in the city are crafty creatures, the use attic fans and chimneys to access your house. these animals also refuse to pay rent. eviction and exclusion are the best way to deal with them. you can trap them every day in Arlington, but another one moves in. Wasted money if you ask me.


Animal Control Services We Provide in Washington DC

We can solve any animal control issue in the Washington from animals in attics, chimneys, yards and buildings. We are licensed by the Washington DC Department of Enviroment.We have more experience than your backyard animal trapper. Trapping is only one service we provide. Exclusion, the making of buildings animal proof, is the best way to deal with nuisance wildlife in Washington . A solution to most wildlife issues isn't trapping,. Properly licensced opreators, will find the best solution for your wildlife issue in Washington. We provide wildlife control in the following zipcodes, 20001-20012, 20015-20024, 20032, 20036, 20037, 20319, 20332, 20336, 20375 and many others close by.  Raccoons tearing trash cans apart for food every night, is a symptom of a bigger problem. Remove the raccoon, another one appears within a week. Making the trash cans raccoon proof, THATS THE ANSWER. So many animal issues can be solved thinking outside the box. Then and only then, we can live with wildlife peacefully. This is the path we all must pursue. Trap animal frequentally of modify habitat? The Washington DC Department of Enviroment has many regulations we as nuisance control professionals, must conform to. We must find a solution to your problems with respect to their laws.We also service these near by cities, NE DC, NW DC SE DC,  SW DC, , Arlington VA, Mount RanierMD, Chillum MD, Takoma Park MD, Alexandria VA, Hyattsville MD, Silver Spring MD, Bethesda MD, Langley Park MD, Riverdale MD, College Park  & Washington Washington DC.

As a major leader in responsible wildlife control we are constantly striving to solve human / wildlife conflicts. This means studying wildlife by doing things that most other companies are unwilling to do.  Knowing what the animals are going to do before they do it so we can better serve you and get the job done quickly and effectively. Every species has different techniques that work the best for that species of wildlife and that is what we are the best at, knowing what do to and how to do it better than anyone else.

Squirrel Removal And Squirrel Trapping Washington DC

Squirrels are creatures we enjoy watching eating an acorn, climbing a tree, or scampering around the neighborhood. When we hear one chewing in our attics, we totally freak out. New Hampshire squirrels must chew to file their teeth down. If they don't chew, their teeth grow into their jaw and they cannot eat anymore. To hear this in an attic in Washington is horrible, our minds over imagine its chewing its way directly to us, as if were his intended victim. Well we aren't and will never be. Squirrels will only stand up to us when they are protecting their young. Squirrels will take advantage of our hospitality, when we leave our house with and area they can enter, when its cold they will. There they will stay until removed. Maybe in the process they will have babies. They have no grudge towards you, they are just trying to stay warm. We Have No Problem Removing Squirrels in Washington And Making Your House Squirrel Proof. Squirrels come in many different species, In the North East we have the gray squirrel, red squirrel, flying squirrel and the fox squirrel.  Flying squirrels are the smallest and the fox squirrel is the largest.  The two methods that are used are either trapping or exclusion. We have the best warrantees in the industry when it comes to flying squirrels no other company can beat us on quality and longevity. We like to answer questions during inspections so you know exactly what is happening and why.

Raccoons  In Attic & Chimneys Washington DC

Raccoons enter your attic via, attic fans, attic vents, rotten roof edges and holes in the soffet and facia (Roof Overhang). A raccoon on average needs 25 square inches to penetrate your attic. This is a dimension of 5 inches x 5 inches. If you suspect raccoons in the attic, listen to the way it walks. Most raccoons in Washington lumber across the attic, Squirrels run fast, and mice basically stay in the same area and make scratching noises. Washington DC Department of Enviroment usually mandates that these animals Be humanely euthanized, this is why habitat modification is most important. Raccoons in Washington usually give birth April 1 of each year, and in august for a late litter. Depending how north or south you live depends on the exact timing of the birthing season. Never attempt to remove raccoons at these times of the year as you might strand babies inside and mother outside, the best that can happen is mother raccoon will rip your shingles from your roof attempting to get to her babies. Never set traps at these times either. LEAVE IT UP TO A PROFESSIONAL  Remember Washington DC Department of Enviroment laws require killing a Raccoon if you trap and posses him. Raccoon can be a very bothersome and hazardous animal to have in your house. They are omnivorous and animals of opportunity. They use communal toilets which can build up and become an extreme biological hazard. Raccoons can climb up the inside of a chimney as fast as a normal human can run across the ground. They will tear roofing shingles right off the house and gable end vents pose very little resistance for them. A full grown raccoon can squeeze through a 4” dryer vent opening with no problem. In the spring the babies must also be considered and not left behind. A mother raccoon will stay clear of all male raccoons when she has her litter. The most favorite thing for an adult male raccoon to eat are baby raccoons. When you have a problem in Washington DC with a raccoon, give us a call, we can quote you a price for removing your problem raccoon and cleaning up any mess they may have left behind.

Washington DC Skunk Trapping & Removal

Skunks, believe it or not, don't smell. Their spray does. When they spray they usually do not get it on themselves. If your house has been skunked, chances the skunk will leave for a couple of days. skunks are burrowing animals, therefore you wont find them in an attic. They dig under sheds, carports, concrete steps and any place with loose dirt available. It is very possible to exclude skunks from most of these areas. Remember Washington DC Department of Enviroment laws require killing a skunk if you trap and posses him.

Washington DC Snake Removal From Your Homes

We will inspect all possible entrances snakes will use to enter your house or building. Upon finding entrances, we can set snake exclusion devices to allow snakes to exit your building, then seal remaining entrances. Preventive snake control is the best possible solution for snake infestations. Trapping snakes also helps keep snakes at bay. A good rodent removal plan is key in keeping the food source for snakes to a minimum.

Dead Animal Removal in Washington

Removing dead animals isn't for the queezy. Maggots, bad smells and a complete mess is involved when removing the rotting carcass. Many times fleas and ticks jump from the dead animals body onto ours. Removing dead animals from under crawlspaces can pose many problems such as, tunneling under the sun room and porches, Concrete steps,cars and anything you can imagine. Heavy deer cause a problem when we have to load in our trucks, then we also, have to dispose of them properly. In most cases removing the animals, Removes the smell.

Washington Woodchuck Trapping And Groundhog Control

Groundhogs, whistle pigs, woodchucks are burrowing animals that dig up our yards, eat our gardens, and basically scare most people. Trapping with live traps can be successful, and in Washington DC are legal to release elsewhere. Pervenative fencing around your deck and additional concrete around your steps is key in deterring them from entering. Nothing can disrupt a household or work environment like the smell of a dead animal. Most of the time it is something small like a mouse but sometimes it can be much worse, like a squirrel that has eaten poison set out incorrectly. When an animal has died in an inappropriate place it must be found, this an be quite exasperating to say the least. All areas must be checked and slowly the trace of the odor can be found. Once the carcass has been found it must be accessed. We have many tools that can be used to minimize any damage. In the past a whole section of wall would have to be removed.  Now the holes are smaller and neater. Once the carcass is removed the area must be disinfected and the odor removed.  Once all that is done it is time to find out how and why the animal was where it was. We can figure this all out, give us a call and let us do all of the detective work.

Washington Washington DC Bat Removal / Bats In Attic in Washington Washington DC

Bats Are Protected Federally. Trapping bats is not a long term solution. Exclusion, (Getting them out and sealing them out LIVE) is a long term solution. Killing bats is agenst the law. Bats can carry rabies, but you wont be able to tell if it is rabid unless you have the bat to test. if you have any feeling you have come in contact with a bat (it has touched, scratched or bit you SEEK Medical ADVICE. Do not guess, ask your doctor. Rabies is 100% Fatal. Bat colony's can be removed from your house at certain times of the year, other times baby bats can complicate things. Seek our professional advice. The gentle bat is the most feared animal on the North American continent. They are more feared than the Great white shark. Bats are the hardest form of wildlife to keep out of a house and the only way to do that is to exclude them out from the building. 75% of the bat and Flying squirrel jobs that we do our customers have already had at least one other company out there to attempt an exclusion and failed. We go to 5 different states for bats and flying squirrels. We put a 2 year warrantee on all of our bat and flying squirrel jobs and if they get back in we come back out and get them back out and then start the warrantee all over again from the very beginning. We use silicone, not black foam. The biggest thing to a bat or flying squirrel exclusion is to number one, have it be effective and number two, make it look like you were never there. When you have a bat or flying squirrel problem, give us a call we will do a better job than any other company.

Beaver Trapping / Beaver Dam Removal in Washington Washington DC

Beavers tear trees apart, not the cheap trees either. Weeping willows and cherry trees are their favorite. in fact, weeping willow branches make great beaver lure. The Washington DC Department of Enviroment regulations.requirel them to be destroyed upon catch. They dam up creeks and flood useful property until they are stopped. Their lodge is only to house their young, so if a lodge appears on your land, then a family isn't far behind. Washington is more populated everyday, more children who love to play in creeks and ponds, make beaver trapping with killing traps a big problem. Killing traps will break the arms of children and break the noses of dogs snooping in the water. The Hancock or Koro style trap is a better solution for catching beavers because it is a visible trap.

Bird & Pigeon Trapping And Removal

We spend a lot of time on bird issues. from birds flying in grocery stores to raptors stuck in your local Wal-Mart store. Some birds require bird netting to remove them and seal them out, while others can be trapped. Starlings like to enter your microwave stove vent and any small gaps in your roofline. Squirrels like to come behind them and steal their shelter and eggs. Birds in a chimney present a special problem if the chimney is metal. the bird doesn't get trapped in the flue, it gets trapped in the liner. We ferquentally remove birds from grocery stores in NE DC, NW DC SE DC,  SW DC, , Arlington VA, Mount RanierMD, Chillum MD, Takoma Park MD, Alexandria VA, Hyattsville MD, Silver Spring MD, Bethesda MD, Langley Park MD, Riverdale MD, College Park  and  Washington DC. Removing birds from the liner can require cutting the wall, (to access liner)cutting the metal liner, and then removing the bird. We get a lot of bird calls from birds in vents, building nests in fire places, or trapped inside buildings not allowing the business to close up shop and turn on security systems due to motion sensors. Removing bird nests from fire places in the summer time is not that big of a deal but if left unchecked and winter rolls around this could create a fire hazard. We can solve all bird problems from pigeons on roof tops, to starlings and sparrows nesting in vents or soffit connecting lines on the roof.

Stray & Feral Cat Removal

Its always nice to get pinned between cat lovers and cat haters. Cat lovers will feed every cat in the neighborhood, usually outside, near a cat haters house or car. The cat hater will want all cats trapped and removed. They poop in his garden, on his step, on his car, spray his bushes, and just generally piss him off. Cats know who he is, and do this on purpose. NOT. Removing stray cats can be the worst job we can get in the middle of. We can't come out on top.

Washington Opossum Trapping

" IT LOOKED AT ME" This is a common reason why people call us about opossums. The opossum is just looking for the dead animals it eats or trash to sustain his opossum diet. they are ground and tree dwellers. These animals will get into any nook they can. Normally called a possum the virginia opossum is the olny Washington  DC marsupial, this like the kangaroo carries its young in a pouch. The woolly pouch on the female’s abdomen is used for carrying and nourishing her newborn young. The skull of the opossum belies its ancient lineage because it contains 50 teeth. They will eat garbage and many Washington  DC dead animals on the roads. They are a cleaning agent for STATE!  Opossums are an American marsupial, they will eat whatever they can fit into their mouth. They have 12-18 young in a litter and they can only support 12 which means they always have a full litter. They keep their young in their pouch right after they are born, the litter can fit into a tablespoon when they are born and are kept in the pouch until they get too big and then moved out of the pouch and onto her back where she carries them until they can walk on their own. Opossums do not play dead like most people think. What happens is that when they are attacked they are so stupid that they go into shock. This will actually save an opossums life many times throughout their life. Opossums wil den up with skunks and sometimes woodchucks. When you have a problem with an opossum, give us a call, we can help.

Rodent Rat Mouse Removal in Washington DC

Mouse removal is simply finding the exterior entrances, sealing them out, and trapping the remaining mice. In certain instances we install valves to allow mice or rats to exit, then seal them out. In Washington most mouse and rat removal situations require trapping, live or killing traps. Poision in Washington DC is a useful tool to remove these rodents,although NEVER put poison inside the house. Always install poison outside, in bait stations, anchored to the ground.  Rodents which include both rats and mice can find their way into homes and structures through very small hole and one inside can multiply at an alarming rate. A female can have between 5-10 litters per year each litter averaging 6-8 young. So a serious infestation can happen seemingly overnight. Once they have entered home or structure the only way to fix the problem is to seal all entry and possible entry points which keeps all rodents out but traps all current population inside. Then an aggressive trapping and extermination process should begin to remove all remaining rodents from inside the structure. Once these two steps have been taken, the problem is solved. This is the reason pest control companies do not like us. We fix the problem and there is no quarterly services needed.

Fox / Coyote Trapping

The most difficult trapping is the fox or coyote. Our operators have special traps in wich these animals can be caught live. Habitat modification such as, trash can lids, deck fencing, and additional concrete around front purches, can be proven successful in deterring these animals. Many times foxes around Washington DC eat small birds and cats where coyotes will remove and eat small dogs, cats, squirels, rabbits ECT.

Washington Washington DC Flying Squirrel Proofing

Really a job for the experienced, as most pest companys around Washington DC confuse flying squirrels for mice. Flying squirrels eat mice and seeds. Flying squirrels will be most active between 10 pm and 4 am. They're guaranteed to drive the homeowner crazy. Recentally I did a flyer job at a home in Washington DC where a homeowner had a company estimate the job at $2800.00. They said the attic had mice and squirrels. I told them upon my arrival that it was probably flyers amd that mice weren't the issue. I charged them $495.00 to get rid of the flying squirrels, did the job, and their attic has been noise free since. They had no mice, and therefore had a smaller bill. Most results are'nt the same but in this case i was able to help.

Cats & Dogs In Washington Washington DC

If you have a NE DC, NW DC SE DC,  SW DC, , Arlington VA, Mount RanierMD, Chillum MD, Takoma Park MD, Alexandria VA, Hyattsville MD, Silver Spring MD, Bethesda MD, Langley Park MD, Riverdale MD, College Park  & Washington dog or cat problem please DO NOTcall the wildlife operator listed on this page, wildlife removal technicians are not permitted by the state to deal with any dog or cat issues. These issues should be directed to your local county animal control officer. Local county animal control offices are typically listed in the blue pages of your phone book. You may also find these on the internet buy typing  Washington DC animal services, and looking for a .GOV  web address

Dear TIm,

I very much enjoyed speaking with you on the phone about the animal problem in my ceiling. You not only explained how your company works, but the fact that you close up any potential entry areas and guarantee your work made me feel I had chosen the right company.

Your technician, Russell, politely called ahead to let me know when he would arrive within the time window we had predetermined. Upon arrival, Russell surveyed my raccoon and squirrel problem, then explained to me how he was going to handle it. He was very thorough and maintained phone contact with me to keep apprise of the situation. Additionally, he made several trips back to check the progress and then finish the job.

He also pointed out that my kitchen exhaust had no cover on it, and he took care of that issue as well.  Which was very helpful, because I would have felt awful if I had accidentally smoked a nest of baby birds.

Thank you for your service. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who has a wild animal control animal issue. Thank again.


KT (Kathleen) Robeson